As women, the care and nurturing of our vagina is a fundamental component of our basic wellbeing. The yoni (our sacred portal) is what gives us life and allows us to give life. Throughout the life of a woman, the vagina goes through dramatic transformations - from puberty to periods, pleasure, infections, birth, and menopause. We all experience many of these shifts and transitions, and yet many of us do not actually know how to optimally care for our vaginas throughout the stages of our lives. By awareness and recognition of the phases we are in or approaching, we can better prepare to nurture this essential part of our beings.

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Yoni steam baths aid in balancing out, and healing many common problems that women are faced with. They can become part of a monthly ritual of self-care and nurturing. Yoni steam baths are very relaxing, and often utilized as an aid for stagnation, releasing of accumulated toxins, painful menstruation, as well as for being an aid in nourishing & strengthening the uterus.

Our Yoni steams are handcrafted in small batches. We never make more than a few at a time. Each and every one of the herbs that go into these steams are grown in the herbalists garden, or are sourced from sustainable, natural, pesticide free suppliers. We include a delicate blend of thirteen herbs and flowers to honor the cycles of the moon. Each order comes with clear instructions so that you can enjoy the steam in the comfort of your own home.



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